List of Associate Degrees and Certificates

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Program TitleProgram AwardDivisionFinancial Aid Eligible
AccountingA.S. DegreeBusinessYes
AccountingCertificate of AchievementBusinessYes
Administration of JusticeA.S.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Administration of Justice - CorrectionsA.S. DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Administration of Justice - Law EnforcementA.S. DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Adobe IllustratorSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Adobe InDesignSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Adobe PhotoshopSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Ag Irrigation TechnicianSkill CertificateAgricultureNo
Agriculture BusinessA.S.-T DegreeAgricultureYes
Agricultural Business ManagementA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Agricultural Business ManagementCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
Agriculture Plant ScienceA.S.-T DegreeAgricultureYes
Agriculture Power Equipment Technician Skill Certificate AgricultureNo
Agriculture TechnologyA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Agriculture TechnologyCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
American Sign LanguageA.A. DegreeLanguage and Communication StudiesYes
Animal ScienceA.S.-T DegreeAgricultureYes
Animal ScienceA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Animal ScienceCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
AnthropologyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
ArchitectureA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
ArchitectureCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Architectural DesignCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Architectural DraftingCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Architectural HistorySkill CertificateIndustry & TechnologyNo
Architectural Visual CommunicationCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyNo
ArtA.A. DegreeFine ArtsYes
Art HistoryA.A.-T DegreeFine ArtsYes
Autodesk AutoCAD for ArchitectureSkill CertificateIndustry & TechnologyNo
Autodesk AutoCAD for DraftingCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyNo
Autodesk MayaSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Air Conditioning TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Brake SystemsSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Chassis TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Electrical TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Emissions TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Engine TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Power Train Systems TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Beginning Culinary SkillsCertificate of AchievementConsumer & Family StudiesYes
BiologyA.S.-T DegreeScienceYes
Building Information Modeling (BIM)Skill CertificateIndustry & TechnologyNo
BusinessA.S. DegreeBusinessYes
BusinessCertificate of AchievementBusinessYes
Business Administration 2.0A.S.-T DegreeBusinessYes
Business Financial RecordkeepingCertificate of AchievementBusinessYes
Carpentry/MillworkSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Certified Nurse AssistantSkill Certificate Nursing & Allied HealthNo
ChemistryA.S.-T DegreeScienceYes
Child & Adolescent DevelopmentA.A.-T DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Child DevelopmentA.S. DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Child Development - AssistantSkill Certificate Consumer & Family StudiesNo
Child Development - Associate TeacherSkill Certificate Consumer & Family StudiesNo
Child Development - TeacherCertificate of AchievementConsumer & Family StudiesYes
CISCO CCNA Academy Certificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Commercial MusicCertificate of AchievementFine ArtsYes
CommunicationSkill CertificateLanguage and Communication StudiesNo
Communication Studies A.A.-T DegreeLanguage and Communication StudiesYes
Computer & Network SupportCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Computer ApplicationsCertificate of AchievementBusinessYes
Computer Programming & Information SystemsA.S. DegreeBusinessYes
Computer Programming & Information SystemsCertificate of AchievementBusinessYes
Computer ScienceA.S.-T DegreeMath & EngineeringYes
Construction InspectionA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Construction InspectionCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Construction ManagementSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Construction PracticesSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Construction TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Construction TechnologyCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Construction TheorySkill CertificateIndustry & TechnologyNo
CosmetologyCertificate of AchievementSpecial ProgramsYes
Culinary ArtsA.S. DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Culinary Arts FundamentalsCertificate of AchievementConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Dairy ScienceSkill Certificate AgricultureNo
DanceA.A. DegreePhysical EducationYes
Dassault Systemes SolidWorksCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyNo
Drafting TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Dramatic Arts - ActingA.A. DegreeFine ArtsYes
Dramatic Arts - TechnicalA.A. DegreeFine ArtsYes
Early Childhood EducationA.S.-T DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
EconomicsA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Elementary Teacher EducationA.A.-T DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
EngineeringA.S. DegreeMath & EngineeringYes
EnglishA.A.-T DegreeEnglishYes
Environmental Control Technology (HVAC)A.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Environmental Control Technology (HVAC)Certificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Equine ScienceCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
Emergency Medical Technician BSkill CertificateNursing & Allied HealthNo
ESL Advanced LevelCertificate of CompetencyLanguage and Communication StudiesNo
ESL Beginning LevelCertificate of CompetencyLanguage and Communication StudiesNo
ESL Intermediate LevelCertificate of CompetencyLanguage and Communication StudiesNo
Fashion DesignSkill CertificateConsumer & Family StudiesNo
Fashion Merchandising & DesignA.S. DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Fashion Merchandising & DesignCertificate of AchievementConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Fashion MerchandisingSkill Certificate Consumer & Family StudiesNo
Fire AcademySkill Certificate Special ProgramsNo
Fire TechnologyA.S. DegreeSpecial ProgramsYes
Fire TechnologyCertificate of AchievementSpecial ProgramsYes
Floral TechnologySkill Certificate AgricultureNo
Food Safety ManagementSkill CertificateAgricultureNo
GeologyA.S.-T DegreeScienceYes
Graphic DesignA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Graphic DesignCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
HistoryA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Human Services (Social Work)A.S. DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Human Services (Social Work)Certificate of AchievementSocial SciencesYes
Industrial AutomationA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Industrial AutomationCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Industrial Maintenance TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Industrial Maintenance TechnologyCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Information Communication TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Interpreter (Spanish)Certificate of AchievementLanguage and Communication StudiesYes
Irrigation ManagementSkill CertificateAgricultureNo
Issues in Family ViolenceCertificate of AchievementSocial SciencesYes
JournalismA.A.-T DegreeLanguage and Communication StudiesYes
KinesiologyA.A.-T DegreePhysical EducationYes
Landscape DesignCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
Landscape ManagementA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Landscape ManagementCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
Law, Public Policy, & SocietyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
LeadershipSkill Certificate BusinessNo
Liberal Arts - Arts & HumanitiesA.A. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
Liberal Arts - Communication StudiesA.A. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
Liberal Arts - Health & Physical EducationA.A. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
Liberal Arts - Natural ScienceA.A. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
Liberal Arts - Social & Behavioral SciencesA.A. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
MathematicsA.S.-T DegreeMath & EngineeringYes
Mechanical DraftingCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Media CommunicationSkill CertificateLanguage and Communication StudiesNo
MusicA.A. DegreeFine ArtsYes
MusicA.A.-T DegreeFine ArtsYes
NCCER Electrical ApplicationsCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
NCCER Electrical TheoryCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Nutrition and DieteticsA.S.-T DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Ornamental HorticultureA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Ornamental HorticultureCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
Ornamental Horticulture - Retail Nursery Skills OptionSkill Certificate AgricultureNo
ParalegalA.S. DegreeBusinessYes
Pharmacy TechnicianCertificate of AchievementNursing & Allied HealthYes
PhilosophyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Physical ScienceA.S. DegreeScienceYes
Physical Therapist AssistantA.S. DegreeNursing & Allied HealthYes
PhysicsA.S.-T DegreeScienceYes
Plant ScienceA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Plant ScienceSkill Certificate AgricultureNo
Political ScienceA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
POST Certified Basic Police AcademyCertificate of AchievementSpecial ProgramsYes
Programmable Logic ControllersSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
PsychologyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Registered NursingA.S. DegreeNursing & Allied HealthYes
Rehabilitation AideCertificate of CompletionNursing & Allied HealthNo
Social Justice - Chicana/o StudiesA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
SociologyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
SpanishA.A.-T DegreeLanguage and Communication StudiesYes
Sports Medicine/Athletic TrainerA.S. DegreePhysical EducationYes
Studio ArtsA.A.-T DegreeFine ArtsYes
Tactile Mechanical DraftingSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Theatre ArtsA.A.-T DegreeFine ArtsYes
University Studies - Elementary Teaching PreparationA.A. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
University Studies - Math & ScienceA.A. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
Veterinary AssistingCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
Water & Wastewater TreatmentSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
WeldingCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Welding TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Welding (Basic) Competency Certificate of CompletionIndustry & TechnologyNo
Writing ConsultancyCertificate of AchievementEnglishYes