List of Associate Degrees and Certificates

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Program TitleProgram AwardDivisionFinancial Aid Eligible
AccountingA.S. DegreeBusinessYes
AccountingCertificate of AchievementBusinessYes
Administration of JusticeA.S.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Administration of Justice - CorrectionsA.S. DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Administration of Justice - Law EnforcementA.S. DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Adobe IllustratorSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Adobe InDesignSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Adobe PhotoshopSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Ag Irrigation TechnicianSkill CertificateAgricultureNo
Agriculture BusinessA.S.-T DegreeAgricultureYes
Agricultural Business ManagementA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Agricultural Business ManagementCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
Agriculture Plant ScienceA.S.-T DegreeAgricultureYes
Agriculture Power Equipment Technician Skill Certificate AgricultureNo
Agriculture TechnologyA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Agriculture TechnologyCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
American Sign LanguageA.A. DegreeLanguage and Communication StudiesYes
Animal ScienceA.S.-T DegreeAgricultureYes
Animal ScienceA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Animal ScienceCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
AnthropologyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
ArchitectureA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
ArchitectureCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Architectural DesignCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Architectural DraftingCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Architectural HistorySkill CertificateIndustry & TechnologyNo
Architectural Visual CommunicationCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyNo
ArtA.A. DegreeFine ArtsYes
Art HistoryA.A.-T DegreeFine ArtsYes
Autodesk AutoCAD for ArchitectureSkill CertificateIndustry & TechnologyNo
Autodesk AutoCAD for DraftingCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyNo
Autodesk MayaSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Air Conditioning TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Chassis TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Electrical TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Emissions TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Engine TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive Power Train Systems TechnologySkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Automotive TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Beginning Culinary SkillsCertificate of AchievementConsumer & Family StudiesYes
BiologyA.S.-T DegreeScienceYes
Building Information Modeling (BIM)Skill CertificateIndustry & TechnologyNo
BusinessA.S. DegreeBusinessYes
BusinessCertificate of AchievementBusinessYes
Business Administration 2.0A.S.-T DegreeBusinessYes
Business Financial RecordkeepingCertificate of AchievementBusinessYes
Carpentry/MillworkSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Certified Nurse AssistantSkill Certificate Nursing & Allied HealthNo
ChemistryA.S.-T DegreeScienceYes
Child & Adolescent DevelopmentA.A.-T DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Child DevelopmentA.S. DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Child Development - AssistantSkill Certificate Consumer & Family StudiesNo
Child Development - Associate TeacherSkill Certificate Consumer & Family StudiesNo
Child Development - TeacherCertificate of AchievementConsumer & Family StudiesYes
CISCO CCNA Academy Certificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Commercial MusicCertificate of AchievementFine ArtsYes
CommunicationSkill CertificateLanguage and Communication StudiesNo
Communication Studies A.A.-T DegreeLanguage and Communication StudiesYes
Computer & Network SupportCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Computer ApplicationsCertificate of AchievementBusinessYes
Computer Programming & Information SystemsA.S. DegreeBusinessYes
Computer Programming & Information SystemsCertificate of AchievementBusinessYes
Computer ScienceA.S.-T DegreeMath & EngineeringYes
Construction InspectionSkill CertificateIndustry & TechnologyNo
Construction ManagementSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Construction TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Construction TechnologyCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
CosmetologyCertificate of AchievementSpecial ProgramsYes
Culinary ArtsA.S. DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Culinary Arts FundamentalsCertificate of AchievementConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Dairy ScienceSkill Certificate AgricultureNo
DanceA.A. DegreePhysical EducationYes
Dassault Systemes SolidWorksCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyNo
Drafting TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Dramatic Arts - ActingA.A. DegreeFine ArtsYes
Dramatic Arts - TechnicalA.A. DegreeFine ArtsYes
Early Childhood EducationA.S.-T DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
EconomicsA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Electrical TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Elementary Teacher EducationA.A.-T DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Emergency Medical Technician BSkill CertificateNursing & Allied HealthNo
EngineeringA.S. DegreeMath & EngineeringYes
EnglishA.A.-T DegreeEnglishYes
Environmental Control Technology (HVAC)A.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Environmental Control Technology (HVAC)Certificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Equine ScienceCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
ESL Advanced LevelCertificate of CompetencyLanguage and Communication StudiesNo
ESL Beginning LevelCertificate of CompetencyLanguage and Communication StudiesNo
ESL Intermediate LevelCertificate of CompetencyLanguage and Communication StudiesNo
Fashion DesignSkill CertificateConsumer & Family StudiesNo
Fashion Merchandising & DesignA.S. DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Fashion Merchandising & DesignCertificate of AchievementConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Fashion MerchandisingSkill Certificate Consumer & Family StudiesNo
Fire AcademySkill Certificate Special ProgramsNo
Fire TechnologyA.S. DegreeSpecial ProgramsYes
Fire TechnologyCertificate of AchievementSpecial ProgramsYes
Floral TechnologySkill Certificate AgricultureNo
Food Safety ManagementSkill CertificateAgricultureNo
GeologyA.S.-T DegreeScienceYes
Graphic DesignA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Graphic DesignCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
HistoryA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Human Services (Social Work)A.S. DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Human Services (Social Work)Certificate of AchievementSocial SciencesYes
Industrial AutomationA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Industrial AutomationCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Industrial Maintenance TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Industrial Maintenance TechnologyCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Information Communication TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Interpreter (Spanish)Certificate of AchievementLanguage and Communication StudiesYes
Irrigation ManagementSkill CertificateAgricultureNo
Issues in Family ViolenceCertificate of AchievementSocial SciencesYes
JournalismA.A.-T DegreeLanguage and Communication StudiesYes
KinesiologyA.A.-T DegreePhysical EducationYes
Landscape DesignCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
Landscape ManagementA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Landscape ManagementCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
Law, Public Policy, & SocietyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
LeadershipSkill Certificate Student ServicesNo
Liberal Arts - Pathway to Educational OccupationsA.A. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
Liberal Arts - Pathway to Health & Physical EducationA.A. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
Liberal Arts - Pathway to Health ScienceA.S. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
Liberal Arts - Pathway to Social Behavioral ScienceA.A. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
MathematicsA.S.-T DegreeMath & EngineeringYes
Mechanical DraftingCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Media CommunicationSkill CertificateLanguage and Communication StudiesNo
Multimedia DesignCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
MusicA.A. DegreeFine ArtsYes
MusicA.A.-T DegreeFine ArtsYes
NCCER Electrical ApplicationsCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
NCCER Electrical TheoryCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Nutrition and DieteticsA.S.-T DegreeConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Ornamental HorticultureA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Ornamental HorticultureCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
Ornamental Horticulture - Retail Nursery Skills OptionSkill Certificate AgricultureNo
ParalegalA.S. DegreeBusinessYes
Pharmacy TechnicianCertificate of AchievementNursing & Allied HealthYes
PhilosophyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Physical Therapist AssistantA.S. DegreeNursing & Allied HealthYes
PhysicsA.S.-T DegreeScienceYes
Plant ScienceA.S. DegreeAgricultureYes
Plant ScienceSkill Certificate AgricultureNo
Political ScienceA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
POST Certified Basic Police AcademyCertificate of AchievementSpecial ProgramsYes
Programmable Logic ControllersSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
PsychologyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Registered NursingA.S. DegreeNursing & Allied HealthYes
Rehabilitation AideCertificate of CompletionNursing & Allied HealthNo
Social Justice - Chicana/o StudiesA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
SociologyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
SpanishA.A.-T DegreeLanguage and Communication StudiesYes
Special EducationCertificate of AchievementConsumer & Family StudiesYes
Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainer/Exercise ScienceA.S. DegreePhysical EducationYes
Studio ArtsA.A.-T DegreeFine ArtsYes
Tactile Mechanical DraftingSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
Theatre ArtsA.A.-T DegreeFine ArtsYes
University Studies - Pathway to Math & ScienceA.A. DegreeStudent ServicesYes
Veterinary AssistingCertificate of AchievementAgricultureYes
Water & Wastewater TreatmentSkill Certificate Industry & TechnologyNo
WeldingCertificate of AchievementIndustry & TechnologyYes
Welding TechnologyA.S. DegreeIndustry & TechnologyYes
Writing ConsultancyCertificate of AchievementEnglishYes