Certificate of Achievement in Computer Programming & Information Systems

Division: Business

This certificate prepares students for entry-level employment in the field of Computer Programming & Information Systems. Students completing this certificate will acquire skills in computer programming, web development, scripting, computer technical support, database development/maintenance.

Program Outcomes

  • Be able to design and code basic software for business use.       
  • Be able to code programs in high-level programming languages such as Visual Basic and Java.       
  • Be able to create and modify databases.       
  • Be able to code interactive webpages.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will be prepared for employment in the following fields: computer programming, web design, computer technical support, database development/maintenance, and various office positions involving computers.

COMP 005Computer Concepts4
or COMP 130 Intro to Personal Computers
COMP 006Programming Fundamentals3
COMP 008Programming Concepts (JAVA)4
COMP 009Advanced Application Software3
COMP 230Java Script/XML3
COMP 232Server-Side Scripting and SQL3
or COMP 233 Database Processing
COMP 238Spreadsheet for Business3
COMP 250Software Fabrication3
Select three units from the following courses:
BUS 271College Keyboarding Level 23
COMP 229Web Page Design & Development3
COMP 232Server-Side Scripting and SQL3
COMP 233Database Processing3
ICT 211Microsoft Windows Server Pt 2 4

The Certificate of Achievement requirements include completion of the certificate courses with a “C” or better grade in each course. Required and support courses may be substituted with the approval of the Business Division Chair.