Certificate of Competency in ESL Intermediate Level (Noncredit)

Division: Language & Communication Studies

Students completing this certificate will acquire intermediate reading strategies and vocabulary building skills suitable for moderately complex texts in English. Additionally, students will acquire the ability to write short compositions and orally produce moderately complex English words and phrases that will prepare them for more advanced level ESL coursework and improve their ability to function in an English-speaking community.

Program Outcomes

  • Read with intermediate reading strategies, comprehend moderately complex texts in English, and acquire new vocabulary from context.
  • Write short compositions, from one paragraph to about one page in length, that identify and support a main idea.
  • Orally produce a moderately complex variety of English words and phrases to engage in presentations and participate in conversations.

Program Requirements

Intermediate Writing/Grammar 3
Intermediate Reading/Vocabulary 3
Intermediate Writing/Grammar 4
Intermediate Reading/Vocabulary 4
Intermediate Listening/Speaking 3
Intermediate Listening/Speaking 4
TOTAL350 Hours