Certificate of Competency in ESL Advanced Level (Noncredit)

Division: Language & Communication Studies

Students completing this certificate will acquire advanced-level reading strategies and comprehension skills suitable for more complex texts in English. Additionally, students will be able to write multi-paragraph essays and produce complex English words and phrases that will prepare them for transfer-level ESL coursework.

Program Outcomes

  • Apply advanced reading strategies, comprehend more complex texts in English, and acquire vocabulary from context.
  • Write multi-paragraph essays using standard English that communicates the main idea with support.
  • Orally produce a complex variety of English words or phrases to engage in presentations and participate in conversations.

Program Requirements

Advanced Writing/Grammar 5
Advanced Reading/Vocabulary 5
Advanced Listening/Speaking 5
Advanced Writing/Grammar 6
Advanced Reading/Vocabulary 6
Advanced Listening/Speaking 6
TOTAL350 Hours