Certificate of Competency in ESL Advanced Level (Noncredit)

Division: Language & Communication Studies

Students completing this certificate will acquire reading strategies and comprehension skills suitable for texts in Developmental English courses. Additionally, students will be able to write multi-paragraph essays and produce complex English words and phrases.

Program Outcomes

  • Apply reading strategies, comprehend texts suitable for Developmental English classes (i.e., two levels below freshman English), and acquire vocabulary from context.
  • Write multi-paragraph essays using standard English that communicate a main idea with support.
  • Orally produce a complex variety of English words or phrases to conduct presentations and participate in conversations.

This advanced program parallels the developmental English composition course, but stresses improvement of the skills with an emphasis on the special needs of the non-native speaker.

Program Requirements

Advanced Writing/Grammar 5
Advanced Reading/Vocabulary 5
Advanced Listening/Speaking 5
Advanced Writing/Grammar 6
Advanced Reading/Vocabulary 6
Advanced Listening/Speaking 6
TOTAL350 Hours