Certificate of Achievement in Entry-Level Pharmacy Technician

Division: Nursing & Allied Health

This certificate prepares students for employment in the field of Entry-Level Pharmacy Technician. Students completing this certificate will acquire entry-level employment skills in the field of pharmacy technician. Students will gain an understanding of pharmacy technician entry-level practice.  The program consists of lecture, lab and an externship in a pharmacy. Instruction emphasizes the practical application of entry-level pharmacy mathematics, pharmaceutical terminology, drug packaging and labeling, dosage preparation, inventory systems and management, and customer service.  

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate professional demeanor and communications in a pharmacy environment
  • Perform the duties and responsibilities of an entry-level pharmacy technician,  within the standards, ethics and legal parameters of the profession 
  • Apply pharmaceutical/medical terms, abbreviations and symbols to the dispensing and recording of medications
  • Perform computations required for the usual dosage determinations and medication preparation using weight and volume equivalents in metric and apothecary systems
  • Perform essential functions relating to drug purchasing and inventory control
  • Package and label drug products
  • Maintain records associated with dispensing prescriptions

Program Requirements 

ENGL 001
MATH 021
College Reading & Composition
and Introduction to Statistics
PT 200Intro to Pharmacy Technology2
1st Semester
PT 215Pharmacy Outpatient Practice3
PT 216Pharmacology 13
PT 217Pharmacy In-Patient Operations3
PT 218Pharmacy Calculations3
PT 402Pharmacy Technician Skills Lab0
2nd Semester
PT 225Pharmacy Seminar3
PT 226Pharmacy Law & Prof. Standards2
PT 227Pharmacology 23
PT 228Pharmacy Tech Externship 12
PT 229Self-Care and Wellness2
PT 404Pharmacy Technician Skills Lab0

The Certificate of Achievement requirements include completion of all certificate courses with a “C” or better grade in each course.