Associate of Arts in Music (AA)

Division: Fine Arts

This degree prepares students for transfer to a four-year university. Students completing this degree will have an introductory foundation for the field of Music through the study of music theory and musicianship; performance practices of different genres of music, including public recitals and concerts. Students will acquire solo and ensemble performance skills from different time periods; hear, analyze and write music and distinguish historical musical styles. The program offers four areas of emphasis: instrumental, vocal, keyboard and theory/composition.

Program Outcomes

Discriminate historical differences in music styles and use this knowledge to assess musical performances.

Implement the concepts of musical theory and analyze examples from a musical score.

Interpret a musical score and perform with technical accuracy, expression and artistry.

Transfer & Career Opportunities

The College maintains articulation with most CSU and UC campuses and some private colleges and universities. Course requirements vary between colleges and universities and students are encouraged to consult and a COS counselor for program planning and course selection. Most common career opportunities with a baccalaureate degree include: Studio Musician, Instrumental Teacher, Voice Teacher, Music Director/Conductor/Producer, Accompanist, Media Composer/Arranger, Music Score Preparer, Composer, Music Therapist, Music Journalist, Audio Technician, Recording Engineer, Audio Designer, Media Composer/Arranger.

Program Requirements

Select one of the following General Education patterns:
California State University General Education (CSU-GE) *
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC-CSU) **
All students must declare an area of emphasis (Keyboard, Instrumental, Vocal, or Composition) and concurrently enroll in MUS 041AD and one of the following major performance ensemble courses for four consecutive semesters: MUS 034AD, MUS 074AD, MUS 054AD
MUS 004Theory and Musicianship 1 *4
MUS 005Theory and Musicianship 2 *4
MUS 006Theory and Musicianship 34
MUS 007Theory and Musicianship 44
MUS 041ADApplied Music Lessons (must be completed four times for a total of 4 units)1
One of the following large ensemble courses must be completed 4 times for a total of 4-8 units:
MUS 034ADConcert Choir1-2
MUS 054ADSymphony Orchestra1
MUS 074ADSymphonic Band1-2
All Music majors are required to enroll in piano class until piano proficiency requirement is met.
MUS 020ADPiano2-8
Select additional courses from the following to complete 60 units:
MUS 010Music Appreciation3
MUS 011Music Appreciation/Jazz3
MUS 013Music of the World3
MUS 014History of Rock and Roll3
MUS 030Beginning Voice2
MUS 036Chamber Singers Renaissance2
MUS 037Chamber Singers Classical2
MUS 038Chamber Singers Romantic2
MUS 039Chamber Singers 20th Century2
MUS 060Brass Musical Instruments2
MUS 062Woodwind Instruments2
MUS 072ADJazz Orchestra2
MUS 180The Music Business2
The Associate of Arts Degree for Transfer requirements include completion of the 60 unit program defined above with at least 12 units taken in residence at College of the Sequoias with a “C” (2.0) average (see Transfer Information and Requirements for additional details).