Associate of Science in Plant Science (AS)

Division: Agriculture

This degree prepares students for entry-level employment in the field of Plant Science through the study of soils, irrigation, weed control, plant diseases and pests, fertilizers, and cultivation of crops. Students will acquire skills in crop production to maximize yields as well as profits.

Program Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding for current crop production methods and implement those methods in the field.
  • Identify common problems in crop production and provide recommendations to improve quality and yields.
  • Explain the relationships between plant, soil, and water, and their impact on crop production and the environment.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of this degree, students will be prepared for careers or employment in the following fields: irrigation technician, crop production, equipment sales, farm manager assistant, pesticide and fertilizer sales.


This degree is not designed for transfer; however, the courses included in this degree may be transferable and apply to other degrees designed for transfer.

Program Requirements 

College of the Sequoias Associate Degree General Education (COS-GE) *
AG 003Economic Entomology *3
AG 004Soil Science *3
AGMT 001Agriculture Economics *3
PLSI 001Intro to Plant Science3
PLSI 106Fertilizers and Soil Amendments3
PLSI 108Ag Water Management3
WEXP 193FAgriculture Work Experience – First Semester3
Select a minimum of twelve units from the following courses:
AG 002Environmental Conservation3
AG 125Principles of Pesticide Use3
AGMT 102Ag Sales and Marketing3
AGMT 104Agriculture Accounting3
PLSI 012Fruit and Nut Production3
PLSI 105Weeds and Poisonous Plants3
PLSI 110Integrated Pest Management3
PLSI 111Citrus Production3
PLSI 113Grape Production3
PLSI 118Advanced Irrigation3
Select additional degree applicable courses numbered 1-299 to achieve 60 units.

Courses meet General Education requirements and 6 units may double count above in 1 (COS-GE).

The Associate Degree requirements include completion of the:

  1. Required major courses and restricted elective courses with a "C" or better grade in each course (required and restricted elective courses may be substituted with the approval of the Division Chair),
  2. General Education Requirements,
  3. Subject requirements including PE, Health & Wellness, and American Institutions,
  4. A minimum of 60 units of degree applicable courses numbered 1-299, at least 12 of which must be taken in residence at College of the Sequoias, with a "C" (2.0) average (see Associate Degree Requirements for additional details).