Associate in Arts in Spanish for Transfer (AA-T)

Division: Language & Communication Studies

This degree is designed to prepare students for a seamless transition to a California State University. Students completing this degree will have an introductory foundation for the field of Spanish through the study of language, culture and literature and will acquire the abilities to engage in conversation, understand the essential points of a narrative or explanation, read and comprehend literature, write summaries and engage in correspondence.

Program Outcomes

  • Speak, read, write and understand spoken Spanish at a near-native level of fluency.

Transfer & Career Opportunities

This Associate in Arts in Spanish for Transfer (AA-T) Degree is intended to meet the lower division requirements for Spanish for all CSU campuses. Students planning to transfer to institutions other than the CSU are encouraged to consult and a COS counselor for program planning and course selection. Most common career opportunities with a baccalaureate degree include: international business, finance, health care, social services, travel, and interpreting.

Select one of the following General Education patterns:
California State University General Education (CSU-GE) *
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC-CSU) **
If students place out of any required course and are not awarded units for that course, they will have to take additional units to compensate for the course/units they placed out of. Approved substitutions include courses in the Restricted Electives and Approved Substitutions below. GE designations for double counting with the following required courses assume students will not place out of any required courses. Double counting will be modified to accommodate students who place out of any course.
SPAN 001Beginning Spanish *4
SPAN 002Elementary Spanish *4
or SPAN 022 SPAN 2 for Spanish Speakers
SPAN 003Intermediate Spanish4
or SPAN 023 Span 3 for Spanish Speakers
SPAN 004Advanced Spanish4
Select one of the following courses:
ENGL 010Chicano Literature3
HIST 023Mexican American *3
SPAN 012Hispanic Literature3
As noted above, students who place out of required courses must take additional units to compensate for the course/units placed out of. Approved substitutions include courses in Restricted Electives and the courses listed below.
ANTH 010Cultural Anthropology *3
ETHN 003Chicana and Chicano Studies *3
SOC 001Introduction to Sociology *3
SOC 010Sociology of Gender *3
Select additional transferable courses numbered 1-199 to achieve 60 units
The Language Arts Division recommends the additional courses be selected from Restricted Electives or Approved Substitutions above.
The Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer requirements include completion of the 60 unit program defined above with at least 12 units taken in residence at College of the Sequoias with a “C” (2.0) average and a “C” or better grade in all required major and restricted electives courses (see Transfer Information and Requirements for additional details).