Associate of Science in Industrial Automation (AS)

Division: Industry & Technology

This degree prepares students for advanced level employment in the fields of industrial automation, industrial machine repair, industrial electrician, medical engineer, and food service machine technicians. Students completing this certificate will acquire employment skills in the area of electricity, motor controls and programmable motor drives, programmable logic controllers, human machine interface programming, and advanced instrumentation design and repair.

Program Outcomes

  • Design, and troubleshoot an advanced industrial automation electrical circuit with a multi-meter to industrial standards.
  • Read a schematic, repair and maintain the mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic circuits found in  a system of machines that comprise an automated process.
  • Design, program, troubleshoot, and interface both programmable logic controllers (PLC), and variable frequency drives (VFD), and HMI's in an automated process. 
  • Weld with GTAW to perform purge welds in stainless tubing.
  • Identify, interpret and make repairs on instrumentation sensors, pumps, and recording equipment.
  • Possess the skill set to purchase the components of an automated system as needed.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of this degree, students will be prepared for employment in the following fields: Industrial Automation technician, industrial maintenance technician, industrial machine operator, industrial electrician, hospital engineer, and food service machine technician.

College of the Sequoias' Associate Degree General Education (COS-GE)
ITEC 276Adv Prog Logic Controllers3
ITEC 282Fundamentals Process Control4
ITEC 283Instrumentation 14
ITEC 284Instrumentation 24
ITEC 285Data Transmission/Comm4
ITEC 286Human-Machine Interfacing4
ITEC 287Advanced Automation Project4
Select additional degree applicable courses numbered 1-299 to achieve 60 units.

The Associate Degree requirements include completion of the:

  1. Required major courses and restricted elective courses with a "C" or better grade in each course (required and restricted elective courses may be substituted with the approval of the Division Chair),
  2. General Education requirements,
  3. Subject requirements including PE, Health & Wellness, and American Institutions, and
  4. A minimum of 60 units of degree applicable courses numbered 1-299, at least 12 of which must be taken in residence at College of the Sequoias, with a "C" (2.0) average (see Associate Degree Requirements for additional details).