Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts - Pathway to Health and Physical Education (AA)

Division: Physical Education

This program is designed for students seeking a broad knowledge base in the Liberal Arts, plus additional course work in an area of emphasis. This program would be an ideal selection for those students pursuing an introductory career in the Health and Physical Education Careers. Due to variations in admissions into programs, careers, and major requirements, selection of an emphasis should be done in collaboration with a COS counselor.

Program Outcomes

  • Upon completion of this program, a student will be prepared for a pre-professional Health and Physical Education Fields

Career Opportunities

Access to programs, careers, and entry-level employment in Health and Physical Education Fields.

Program Requirements

College of the Sequoias' Associate Degree General Education (COS-GE)*
Complete a minimum of 18 units with a "C" grade or better from the following courses. Courses used to fulfill the general education requirements listed above may be counted as part of this 18-unit minimum.
Select nine units from the following health and wellness core courses. In addition, selection nine units from Option A or Option B:
HW 001Personal and Community Health *3
HW 003First Aid/CPR/AED3
HW 007Sports Health *3
HW/SMED 060Concepts in Health and Fitness3
HW 104Drugs and Society3
HW/NUTR 119Nutrition for Fitness3
KINE 001Introduction to Kinesiology3
KINE 082Introduction to the Theory of Coaching2
KINE 084Theory of Football2
KINE 088Sport and Exercise Psychology3
KINE 093Women's Health3
NUTR 018Nutrition *3
SMED 040Introduction to Sports Injuries3
Select nine units from any of the Physical Education, Dance, and/or Intercollegiate Athletics courses:
Physical Education
PEAC 001Aerobic Conditioning1
PEAC 002Non-Impact Aerobics1
PEAC 003Step Aerobics1
PEAC 004Circuit Training1
PEAC 008Beginning Swimming1
PEAC 009Intermediate Swimming1
PEAC 010Advanced Swimming1
PEAC 011Swimming for Fitness1
PEAC 015Fundamentals of Baseball1
PEAC 016Conditioning for Baseball1
PEAC 017Techniques of Baseball1
PEAC 021Beginning Basketball1
PEAC 022Intermediate Basketball1
PEAC 025Fundamentals of Football1
PEAC 036Stretch and Tone1
PEAC 037Pilates Mat Class1
PEAC 038Introduction to Yoga1
PEAC 039Hatha Yoga Fundamentals1
PEAC 042Soccer1
PEAC 046Women's Softball-Beginning1
PEAC 048Women's Softball - Advanced1
PEAC 052Beginning Tennis1
PEAC 053Intermediate Tennis1
PEAC 056Beginning Track and Field1
PEAC 060Varsity Performance 12
PEAC 061Varsity Performance 22
PEAC 064Beginning Volleyball1
PEAC 065Intermediate Volleyball1
PEAC 068Beginning Fitness Walking1
PEAC 069Intermediate Fitness Walking1
PEAC 070Walk/Jog for Aerobic Fitness1
PEAC 071Cross Interval Training1
PEAC 074Beginning Weight Training1
PEAC 075Intermediate Weight Training1
PEAC 076Advanced Strength and Body Building Principles2
PEAC 177Cheer and Stunt1
PEAC 262Cheer Fitness 11
PEAC 263Cheer Fitness 21
Intercollegiate Athletics
IA 001ADIntercollegiate Varsity Baseball3
IA 002ADIntercollegiate Men's Basketball1.5
IA 003ADIntercollegiate Women's Basketball1.5
IA 006ADIntercollegiate Football3
IA 008ADIntercollegiate Women's Softball3
IA 012ADIntercollegiate Women's Tennis3
IA 016ADIntercollegiate Women's Volleyball3
IA 023ADIntercollegiate Track and Field3
IA 024ADIntercollegiate Cross Country3
IA 029ADIntercollegiate Swimming/Diving3
IA 030ADIntercollegiate Women's Soccer3
IA 031ADIntercol Women's Equestrian1.5
IA 032ADIntercollegiate Men's Soccer3
IA 047ADStrategies of Sport1
IA 049ADPerformance of Sport1
IA 051ADPower Lifting for Athletes2
DANC 041Musical Theatre Performance - Dance2
DANC 050Ballet 11
DANC 051Ballet 21
DANC 054Modern Dance 11
DANC 055Modern Dance 21
DANC 056Contemporary Dance1
DANC 058Jazz Dance 11
DANC 059Jazz Dance 21
DANC 061Jazz Dance Styles 21
DANC 062Tap Dancing 11
DANC 063Tap Dancing 21
DANC 070Hip Hop1
DANC 071Dance Crew1
DANC 080Choreography1
DANC 081Studies in Choreography1
DANC 082Contemporary Dance 21
DANC 085Dance Production 11
DANC 160Jazz Dance Styles1
Select nine units from any introductory Sports Medicine Courses:
SMED 151Lower Extremities Assessment2
SMED 152Lower Extremities Rehabilitation2
SMED 153Upper Extremities Assessment2
SMED 154Upper Extremities Rehabilitation2
SMED 181Athletic Training Clinical 11
SMED 182Athletic Training Clinical 21
SMED 183Athletic Training Clinical 31
SMED 184Athletic Training Clinical 41
WEXP 193YSport Medicine Work Experience – First Semester1-4
WEXP 194YSports Medicine Work Experience - Second Semester1-4
WEXP 195YWork Experience Sport Medicine - Third Semester1-4
WEXP 196 YSports Med Wrk Exp - 4th Sem1-4
Select additional degree applicable courses numbered 1-299 to achieve 60 units.

Courses meet General Education requirements and 6 units may double count above in COS-GE. Also, any of the PE or IA courses required for this major will meet the PE subject requirement for graduation and 2 units may double count above in COS-GE.

The Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with an Area of Emphasis requirements include completion of the 60 unit program defined above with at least 12 units taken in residence at College of the Sequoias with a “C” (2.0) average (see Associate Degree Requirements for additional details).