Public Service and Safety


The curriculum in the Public Service and Safety pathway includes studies in physical and mental training, fire protection technology, public safety management and criminal justice. Programs emphasize topics and skills in safety, hands-on training, fitness, community outreach, social justice, laws and regulations, and emergency care.

Most careers in this pathway can be entered on program completion, though some require advanced credentials and are designed for students intending to transfer.

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Degree and Certificates

Program TitleProgram AwardDivisionFinancial Aid Eligible
Administration of JusticeA.S.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Administration of Justice - Corrections A.S. DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Administration of Justice - Law EnforcementA.S. DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Emergency Medical Technician BSkill CertificateNursing & Allied HealthNo
Fire AcademySkill CertificateSpecial ProgramsNo
Fire TechnologyA.S. DegreeSpecial ProgramsYes
Fire TechnologyCertificate of AchievementSpecial ProgramsYes
Human Services (Social Work)A.S. DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Human Services (Social Work)Certificate of AchievementSocial SciencesYes
Interpreter (Spanish)Certificate of AchievementLanguage & Communication StudiesYes
Issues in Family ViolenceCertificate of AchievementSocial SciencesYes
Law, Public Policy, and SocietyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
LeadershipSkill CertificateStudent ServicesNo
Paralegal A.S. DegreeBusinessYes
PhilosophyA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes
Political ScienceA.A. DegreeSocial SciencesYes
POST Certified Basic Police AcademyCertificate of AchievementSpecial ProgramsYes
Social Justice Studies - Chicana/o StudiesA.A.-T DegreeSocial SciencesYes