Certificate of Achievement in Industrial Automation

Division: Industry & Technology

This certificate prepares students for advanced level employment in the fields of industrial automation and industrial maintenance. Students are required to complete the industrial maintenance program or have equivalent experience before advancing to the industrial automation program. Students completing this program will acquire employment skills in the areas of instrumentation, process control, electrical wiring and troubleshooting, motor controls, variable frequency drives, programmable logic controllers, human machine interfaces, industrial networks, and industrial robots.

Program Outcomes

  • Safely demonstrate technical skills required for employment in automation and manufacturing industries.
  • Develop and apply problem solving skills to design and maintain automated systems.
  • Function effectively in a technical capacity as an individual and as a team member, demonstrating a commitment to professionalism, quality, timeliness, and safety. 

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will be prepared for employment in the following occupations: Industrial maintenance technician, industrial automation technician, instrumentation technician, electronics technician, field service technician, technical sales representative.

ITEC 174Programmable Logic Controllers for Industrial Automation4
ITEC 176Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers for Industrial Automation4
ITEC 182Methods of Automatic Control4
ITEC 184Instrumentation4
ITEC 279Industrial Robots (Proposed course: Industrial Robots)4
ITEC 283Variable Speed Drives4
ITEC 285Industrial Networks4
ITEC 287Industrial Automation Capstone Project4

The Certificate of Achievement requirements include completion of the certificate courses with a “C” or better grade in each course. Required and support courses may be substituted with the approval of the Industry & Technology Division Chair.