Division: Consumer/Family Studies

The fashion department prepares students for entry-level employment in the field of Fashion as well as providing courses which students may use for transfer to a fashion program. Courses teach about identifying sizes, price ranges, style classification for womenswear, menswear and childrenswear. They will learn factors that influence fashion forecasting and identify target markets for current fashion trends. In constructions courses designing apparel, use of patterns, selecting materials and marketing finished products is covered.

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Consumer and Family Studies Division Chair

Millicent Owens | (559) 730-3845 |
Tule: 502-B | Visalia Campus

Dean of Business, Social Science, and Consumer Family Studies

Jesse Wilcoxon |
Kern: 716 | Visalia Campus

FASH 076 Textiles 3 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion
Introduction to basic textiles; the study of fibers, yarns and fabric identifications, with emphasis on various processes of textile manufacturing, fabric finishes, sustainability/environmental concerns and appropriates for end use. This course qualifies for various Fashion Vocational Certificates.
Advisory on Recommended Preparation: ENGL 251 or equivalent college course with "C" or better or eligibility for ENGL 001 as determined by COS Placement Procedures
FASH 140 Intro to the Fashion Industry 3 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion
Overview of the fashion industry including the organization, structure and interrelationship of industries and services in apparel and fashion businesses. Includes terminology, designers, trade organizations and publications, as well as career and professional opportunities.
FASH 141 Principles of Fashion 3 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion
Analysis of clothing and fashion, including the interplay among social, psychological, cultural, economic, aesthetic, and physical factors. Includes the analysis of wardrobe, color selection , image and line for individuals.
FASH 142 Visual Merchandising and Sales 3 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion
Instruction in successfully merchandising a retail store, daily operations, inventory control, customer service and managing the sales force. Course is designed to develop competencies in entry-level retail management and should be taken before or concurrent with WEXP193Z, a work experience course.
FASH 160 Clothing Construction 3 unit(s)
Hours: 2 Lecture/Discussion
3 Lab
Equivalent Course: FASH 160AB
Instruction in the principles of clothing construction from pattern to completed garment, with an emphasis on fabric performance, fit and construction techniques for both knit and woven fabrics.
FASH 161 Advanced Sewing and Tailoring 3 unit(s)
Hours: 2 Lecture/Discussion
3 Lab
Equivalent Course: FASH 161AB
The study of advanced sewing techniques, including traditional and modern tailoring methods.
Advisory on Recommended Preparation: FASH 160AB or FASH 160 or equivalent college course with "C" or better
FASH 162 Fashion Design-Pattern Making 3 unit(s)
Hours: 1.5 Lecture/Discussion
4.5 Lab
Equivalent Course: FASH 162AB
A study of apparel design using flat pattern techniques including design, drafting, and construction of garments.
Advisory on Recommended Preparation: FASH 160 or FASH 161 or equivalent college course with "C" or better
FASH 263 Basic Sewing 3 unit(s)
Hours: 2 Lecture/Discussion
3 Lab
A basic sewing construction course, including commercial pattern use and clothing construction techniques.