Learning Skills (LS)

LS 308 Instructional Support 1 - 2 unit(s)
Hours: 3 - 6 Lab
Students will learn strategies for approaching their academic courses and/or improve academic skills which may be affected by a condition qualifying them for AAC services.
LS 320 Personal Development 1 unit(s)
Hours: 1 Lecture/Discussion
This course is designed to assist students in furthering their Personal Development and Social Skills, including: awareness and investigation of self and others, self-advocacy, and techniques for interacting and engaging with others or groups of others. This course is recommended for students who may identify with social anxieties, fears, or low self-esteem possibly resulting from Mental Health barriers, Autism Spectrum, or other conditions/disabilities. This course is open to anyone; all students seeking support in Personal Development and Social Skills are encouraged to enroll. The class will emphasize discussion and creative thinking, as well as group collaboration and respect for others.