University Studies

Division: Student Services

Associate of Arts (AA) degrees in University Studies are designed to offer students much flexibility in designing a study path that leads to a degree that can be used for transfer.  Although these degrees are not aligned to a traditional major, they do offer the students a chance to broadly explore a discipline before deciding on a particular major.  The two areas of focus are Elementary Education and Mathematics & Science.

Transfer information is available in the Counseling Department.  In all cases, students should consult with a counselor for specific transfer requirements. 

Contact Information

Student Services Division Chair

Adrienne Duarte | (559) 737-6175 |
Sequoia: 103 | Visalia Campus

Dean of Student Services

Michele Brock | (559) 737-5441 |
Sequoia: 107 | Visalia Campus 

Jenny Saechao | (559) 737-5443 | 
Sequoia: 101 | Visalia Campus

Juan Vazquez | (559) 737-5440 |
Sequoia: 104 | Visalia Campus