Division: Language Arts

The Foreign Language Department offers transfer courses in Portuguese. The Foreign Language Department believes that it is in the interest of all students to become bilingual or fluent in many languages in order to compete in today’s global community. Therefore, the instructors in the department provide a sequenced program of courses that support the goal of fluency in speaking, reading, writing and comprehension.

Contact Information

Language and Communication Studies Division Chair

Cynthia Johnson | (559) 730-3966 | cynthiaj@cos.edu
Sierra: 802 | Visalia Campus

Dean of Arts and Letters

Richard Lubben | (559) 730-3735 | richardl@cos.edu
Tule: 550 | Visalia Campus 

PORT 001 Beginning Portuguese 4 unit(s)
Hours: 4 Lecture/Discussion
This introductory course covers understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Portuguese and is designed for students transferring to four-year universities with foreign language requirements. It is also useful for students interested in bilingual education or any field which involves Portuguese.
PORT 002 Elementary Portuguese 4 unit(s)
Hours: 4 Lecture/Discussion
PORT 2 is the second course in this series. It reviews the vocabulary and concepts of PORT 1 as a starting point. The students will engage with each other and the instructor in a variety of communication-based activities. Cultural and societal aspects of the Portuguese world are stressed throughout the class.
Prerequisites: PORT 001 or equivalent college course with "C" or better