Certificate of Achievement in Entry-Level Pharmacy Technician

Division: Nursing & Allied Health

This certificate prepares students for employment in the field of Entry-Level Pharmacy Technician. Students completing this certificate will acquire entry-level employment skills in the field of pharmacy technician. Students will gain an understanding of pharmacy technician entry-level practice.  The program consists of lecture, lab and an externship in a pharmacy. Instruction emphasizes the practical application of entry-level pharmacy mathematics, pharmaceutical terminology, drug packaging and labeling, dosage preparation, inventory systems and management, and customer service.  

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate professional demeanor and communications in a pharmacy environment
  • Perform the duties and responsibilities of an entry-level pharmacy technician,  within the standards, ethics and legal parameters of the profession 
  • Apply pharmaceutical/medical terms, abbreviations and symbols to the dispensing and recording of medications
  • Perform computations required for the usual dosage determinations and medication preparation using weight and volume equivalents in metric and apothecary systems
  • Perform essential functions relating to drug purchasing and inventory control
  • Package and label drug products
  • Maintain records associated with dispensing prescriptions

Program Requirements 

ENGL 001
MATH 044
College Reading and Composition
and College Algebra (or a more advanced math course at COS with a minimum grade of C, or an equivalent course at a regionally accredited college with a minimum grade of C, or eligibility for Math 035 or higher at COS)
PT 200Introduction to Pharmacy Technology2
1st Semester
PT 215Pharmacy Outpatient Practice3
PT 216Pharmacology 13
PT 217Pharmacy In-Patient Operations3
PT 218Pharmacy Calculations3
PT 402Pharmacy Technician Skills Lab 10
2nd Semester
PT 225Pharmacy Seminar3
PT 226Pharmacy Law and Professional Standards2
PT 227Pharmacology 23
PT 228Pharmacy Technician Externship 12
PT 229Self-Care and Wellness2
PT 404Pharmacy Technician Skills Lab 20

The Certificate of Achievement requirements includes completion of all certificate courses with a “C” or better grade in each course.