Culinary and Nutrition

Division: Consumer/Family Studies

The Culinary Department explores food preparation and presentation, as well as the responsibilities and skills necessary for introductory positions in restaurant, institutional, and other food service operations.

The skills developed in this discipline include food preparation and food related techniques, safety and sanitation, customer service, food inventory and ordering. Career options include positions in food preparation and presentation at many food service operations. 

The Nutrition Department provides students with the opportunity to gain broad, introductory knowledge of nutritional science that may be applied to the job market or a more advanced degree.  

Contact Information

Nutrition Faculty Contact

Milli Owens | (559) 730-3845 |
Tule: 502B | Visalia Campus

Culinary Faculty Contact

Kyran Wiley | (559)730-3846 |
Tule: 502D | Visalia Campus

Consumer and Family Studies Division Chair

Vanessa Bailey | (559) 730-3858 | 
Tule: 504C | Visalia Campus

Dean of Business, Social Science, and Consumer Family Studies

Jesse Wilcoxson, Ed.D. | (559) 737-6281 | 
Kern: 716 | Visalia Campus

For a complete list of courses and descriptions visit: COURSES

CULN 221 Culinary Development 1 4 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion Hours:
3 Lab
Introduction to the professional world of culinary art. Students will gain a beginning understanding of culinary skills, such as, kitchen safety, knife skills, quality food preparation, and cooking techniques.
CULN 222 Culinary Development 2 4 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion Hours:
3 Lab
Hands on course encompasses the basic fundamental principles for a career in Culinary Arts. This class will emphasize the importance of such terms and procedures as "mise en place", knife skills, proper use of tools and several other basic principles that are important to the culinary industry. This course will also emphasize the appropriate standard of behavior and uniform that is set by culinary professionals. At the end of this course, students will have a core knowledge and insight into the essential aspects of Culinary Arts.
Prerequisites: CULN 221 and NUTR 107 (may be taken concurrently) or equivalent college course with a minimum grade of C.
CULN 223 Advanced Culinary 4 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion Hours:
3 Lab
This Advanced Culinary course prepares students for contemporary employment opportunities in the culinary workforce with an emphasis on advanced knife skills, hot hor d'Oeurves, cooking principles, plate presentation, and buffet presenting and maintenance. Students will be held to culinary professionalism vital to success in the field of culinary arts.
Prerequisites: CULN 221 and CULN 222 and NUTR 107 or equivalent college course with a minimum grade of C.
CULN 224 Baking and Desserts 3 unit(s)
Hours: 2 Lecture/Discussion Hours:
3 Lab
This course provides a fundamental foundation on baking and pastry skills. Production of yeast breads, quick breads, cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, icings, custards, creams, and desserts are explored. Students with an interest in baking will gain furthering knowledge into this area of culinary arts.
Prerequisites: CULN 221 or equivalent college course with a minimum grade of C.
CULN 225 Garde Manger 2 unit(s)
Hours: 1 Lecture/Discussion Hours:
3 Lab
Essential to culinary knowledge, Garde Manger, or "keeper of the cold kitchen" emphasizes techniques used to make sausage, cured meats and cheeses, tea sandwiches, and cold hor dourves. This hands-on course provides students with the ability to produce and present such items.
Prerequisites: NUTR 107 and CULN 221 or equivalent college course with a minimum grade of C.
CULN 226 Industry Management 3 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion
Introduction to management of hospitality and the restaurant workplace. This course focuses on leadership, planning, communication, and other qualities to be successful in the culinary industry. At the end of this course, students will have the option of taking the ManageFirst exam, a National Restaurant Association recognized certificate of completion.
NUTR 018 Nutrition 3 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion
A scientific study of basic chemical, biological and physiological principles and concepts of human nutrition. These principles are applied to the individual and appropriate food selection. (C-ID: NUTR110)
NUTR 020 Cultural Foods 3 unit(s)
Hours: 2 Lecture/Discussion Hours:
3 Lab
Equivalent Course: CULN 020
Examination of the cultural and social meanings of food, food behaviors and food systems. Emphasis on the regional, ethnic and religious influences on food habits.
Advisory on Recommended Preparation: ENGL 261 or equivalent college course with a minimum grade of C or eligibility for ENGL 001 as determined by COS Placement Procedures.
NUTR 107 Sanitation and Safety 2 unit(s)
Hours: 2 Lecture/Discussion
Equivalent Course: CULN 107
This course provides accurate, up-to-date information for all levels of employees in all aspects of food handling. It includes laws and regulations for food safety within the rapidly growing restaurant and food service industry. Students may elect to take the National Food Safety certificate exam at the end of the course.
NUTR 119 Nutrition for Fitness 3 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion
Equivalent Course: HW 119
This course is designed to acquaint students with the nutritional needs of athletes and the relationship between nutrition and fitness. Students are required to use the computer, Internet and basic math skills to calculate nutritional needs. Topics include human energy, nutrient groups, body composition, and supplement use.

Culinary and Nutrition

Owens, Millicent
B.S., California State University, Fresno
M.A., University Of Texas, Austin

Wiley, Kyran
C.A., California School of Culinary Arts – le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena