Dairy Science

Division: Agriculture

This area of study prepares students for entry-level employment and/or potential further study in the field of dairy management and production. Dairy Science students have a foundation for the field of list field through the study of dairy nutrition and reproduction, breeding and selection of quality cattle and computer applications in dairy production and will acquire skills and knowledge necessary for reediness to assist in the management of modern dairy operation.

Contact Information

Dairy Science Faculty Contact

Dr. Allison Vander Plaats, DVM | (559) 688-3137 | allisonv@cos.edu
Tulare Center Building B: 204 | Tulare Campus  

Agriculture Division Chair

Kim Pitigliano | (559) 688-3117 | kimp@cos.edu
Tulare Center Building B: 104 | Tulare Campus

Provost - Tulare College Center, Dean of Agriculture  

C. Louann Waldner, Ph.D. | (559) 688-3050 | louannw@cos.edu 
Tulare Center Building A: 109 | Tulare Campus 

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DSCI 101 Introduction to Dairy Science 3 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion Hours:
1 Lab
Survey of the dairy industry; supply of milk and milk products and their uses; emphasis on the history, development and projections of the dairy industry in the US. Covers general information on the economics of dairying; dairy facts and trends; dairy animal selection, culling, fitting, showing, and judging; pedigree evaluation; basic dairy feeds and feeding; fundamentals of bovine reproduction; basic dairy management skills; requirements for and opportunities in dairy industry employment. (C-ID AG-AS 112L)
DSCI 104 Breeding and Selection of Dairy Cattle 3 unit(s)
Hours: 3 Lecture/Discussion Hours:
1 Lab
Principles of selection, reproduction, and management of reproduction and breeding in dairy cattle. This course covers both theory and practice of dairy cattle judging, semen evaluation, and handling, and artificial insemination.
Advisory on Recommended Preparation: DSCI 101 or equivalent college course with a minimum grade of C.

Dairy Science

Vander Plaats, Allison 
B.S., California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
D.V.M., Cornell University