Associate of Science in Registered Nursing - Not for Transfer (AS)

Division: Nursing & Allied Health

This degree prepares students for entry-level employment and/or potential further study in the field of Registered Nursing through the study of biological, behavioral, and physical sciences. Students will acquire critical thinking, effective communication, physical assessment, and cultural competence skills and abilities.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a caring approach that validates the worth and dignity of the client through the effective use of interpersonal processes.
  • Effectively integrate written, verbal, and nonverbal communication modalities in complex client and health team interaction.
  • Employ critical thinking in applying the nursing process to manage client care.
  • Apply principles of growth, development, and adaptation that will result in optimal well being.
  • Implement principles of health teaching when promoting wellness.
  • Apply legal, ethical, and professional practices while acting as client advocate in providing nursing care to a diverse population.
  • Satisfactorily perform the psychomotor skills necessary in the delivery of nursing care to clients across the life span.
  • Safely perform nursing care to assist the client to promote, maintain, or restore an optimal level of well being.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of this degree, students will be prepared for careers or employment in the following fields: acute care, home care, long-term care, physicians’ offices, public and private facilities, and specialty units (intensive care, geriatrics, dialysis, operating room, etc.). A career ladder exists: CNA to LVN to RN to BSN to MSN. High school preparation for Nursing should include a good foundation in math, science and English.


This degree is not designed for transfer; however, the courses included in this degree may be transferable and apply to other degrees designed for transfer.

General Education and Subject Requirements (22 Units)22
College of the Sequoias' Associate Degree General Education (COS-GE) *
RN Program Prerequisites (16 Units)16
All courses and the TEAS Exam must be completed PRIOR to application to the RN Program.
Human Anatomy *
Human Physiology
General Microbiology
College Reading & Composition *
TEAS Exam with a score of 62% or higher
Co-requisite Courses (9 Units)9
Recommended for completion prior to entering RN Program
Fundamentals/Public Speaking *
Interpersonal Communication
Group Communication
General Psychology *
Introduction to Sociology
Cultural Anthropology
Cultural Comptcy in Healthcare
Traditional students - Required Courses (43 Units)43
Traditional students must complete the following 4 semesters of nursing courses after admission into the program:
Required Courses: 1st Semester (11 Units)
Maintaining Optimal Wellness
Required Courses: 2nd Semester (11 Units)
Intro Promote&Restore Wellness
Promoting Perinatal Wellness
Promoting Mental Wellness
Required Courses: 3rd Semester (10 Units)
Promoting Pediatric Wellness
Promote and Restore Wellness 1
Required Courses: 4th Semester (11 Units)
Promote and Restore Wellness 2
Nursing Leadership
Advanced Placement Students - Required Courses (24 Units)24
Advanced placements students must complete the following nursing courses after admission into the program:
Intro Promote&Restore Wellness
Promoting Mental Wellness
Promote and Restore Wellness 1
Promote and Restore Wellness 2
Nursing Leadership

Courses meet General Education requirements and 13 units may double count above in COS-GE. Students earning a degree in Registered Nursing are exempt from the 2-unit PE subject requirement, and the 1-unit Information Competency requirement. Registered Nursing students are also exempt from the 3-unit Health & Wellness requirement; however, one of the following must be completed as an alternative: PSY 1, SOC 1, or NURS 106.

The Associate Degree requirements include completion of the:

  1. Required major courses and restricted elective courses with a "C" or better grade in each course (required and restricted elective courses may be substituted with the approval of the Division Chair),
  2. General Education requirements,
  3. Subject requirements including *PE, *Health & Wellness, and American Institutions, and
  4. A minimum of 60 units of degree applicable courses numbered 1-299, at least 12 of which must be taken in residence at College of the Sequoias, with a "C" (2.0) average (see Associate Degree Requirements for additional details).

Students who anticipate continuing their education for a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) are strongly encouraged to take CHEM 020 and NUTR 018.

Students should be advised that this program requires 77 units or more. Applicants will be subjected to background checks and drug screenings.