Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with an Area of Emphasis in Natural Science - Not for Transfer (AA)

Division: Student Services

This degree provides an opportunity for students who are not intending to transfer to a four-year university to earn an Associate of Arts Degree with an area of emphasis in Natural Sciences. This degree is designed to provide an introductory foundation in the natural sciences and to prepare students for life in the global community by developing a core of knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for personal and professional success. The curriculum emphasizes experimental methodology, testing hypotheses, and the power of systematic questioning. Students will develop a comprehension of the basic concepts of physical and biological sciences, and a sophisticated understanding of science as a human endeavor, including the limitations as well as the power of scientific inquiry.

Program Outcomes

  • Apply the principles of the scientific method to problem solving and planning.
  • Describe the impact of humanity to the current state of the biosphere.
  • Demonstrate the use of mathematics in predicting physical phenomena.

Career Opportunities

Teacher’s Aide, Lab Assistant, Engineering Technician, and Environmental Health Aid.

General Education and Subject Requirements (25 Units)25
College of the Sequoias' Associate Degree General Education (COS-GE)*
Required Major Courses (18 Units)18
Complete a minimum of 18 units with a "C" grade or better from the following courses. Courses used to fulfill the general education requirements listed above may be counted as part of this 18-unit minimum.
Environmental Conservation *
Economic Entomology *
Soil Science
Biological Anthropology *
Introduction to Astronomy *
Principles of Biology 1 *
Principles of Biology 2 *
Frontiers in Biology *
Plant Biology *
Animal Biology *
Human Ecology *
Human Anatomy *
Human Physiology *
General Microbiology *
General Chemistry 1 *
Intro to General Chemistry *
Physical Geography *
Physical Geology *
Environmental Geology *
Earth History *
Elementary Meteorology *
Nutrition *
General Physics 1 *
Intro to Plant Science *
Physical Science *
Electives (20 Units)20
Select additional degree applicable courses numbered 1-299 to achieve 60 units

Courses meet General Education requirements and 3 units may double count above in COS-GE.

The Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with an Area of Emphasis requirements include completion of the 60 unit program defined above with at least 12 units taken in residence at College of the Sequoias with a “C” (2.0) average (see Associate Degree Requirements for additional details).