Associate of Science in Architecture - Not for Transfer (AS)

Division: Industry & Technology

This degree prepares students for entry-level employment and/or potential further study in the field of Architecture through the study of design, visual communication, architecture history, and construction technology. and will acquire skills, knowledge, and abilities related to predesign, conceptual design, schematic design, design development, tactile (by hand) model-making, digital (computer) model-making, building information modeling (BIM), tactile (by hand) graphics/drawing, digital (computer) graphics/drawing, architecture history, computer assisted drafting & design (CAD), construction materials & methods, construction documents, and detailing.

Program Outcomes

  • Create and appraise architectural design.
  • Create and distinguish 2D and 3D visual communication drawings (tactile and digital).
  • Analyze and differentiate architecture history.
  • Create and analyze documents related to construction technology.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of this degree, students will be prepared for careers or employment in the following fields: architecture, environmental design, interior design, planning, landscape architecture, product design, and civil engineering. 


This degree is not designed for transfer; however, the courses included in this degree may be transferable and apply to other degrees designed for transfer.

General Education and Subject Requirements (25 Units)25
College of the Sequoias' Associate Degree General Education (COS-GE) *
Required Major Courses (51 Units)51
Architectural Design 1
Architectural Design 2
Architectural Design 3
Architectural Design 4
Visual Communication 1
Visual Communication 2
Architecture History 1 *
Architecture History 2
Freehand Drawing
Perspective Alternatives
Construction Materials/Methods
Architectural Detailing
Conceptual Structural Analysis
Construction Documents
Introduction to CAD

Courses meet General Education requirements and 3 units may double count above in COS-GE.

The Associate Degree requirements include completion of the:

  1. Required major courses and restricted elective courses with a "C" or better grade in each course (required and restricted elective courses may be substituted with the approval of the Division Chair),
  2. General Education requirements,
  3. Subject requirements including PE, Health & Wellness, and American Institutions, and
  4. A minimum of 60 units of degree applicable courses numbered 1-299, at least 12 of which must be taken in residence at College of the Sequoias, with a "C" (2.0) average (see Associate Degree Requirements for additional details).